ExerSteps Whirlwind
ExerSteps Whirlwind
ExerSteps Whirlwind
ExerSteps Whirlwind
ExerSteps Whirlwind
ExerSteps Whirlwind
ExerSteps Whirlwind
ExerSteps Whirlwind
ExerSteps Whirlwind
ExerSteps Whirlwind
ExerSteps Whirlwind
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Free Shipping, Free Returns! Experience the comfort of the men's Whirlwind rocker bottom shoe by Exersteps. Relieve impact on hard surfaces.
  • Leather upper provides comfort during activity.
  • The lighweight midsole is shock-absorbing to relieve impact on hard surfaces
  • Molded sock provides lasting cushion and comfort
  • Non-marking sole provides traction and durability
Improve your health with ExerSteps footwear!

SR207312  Black SR207317  White/Navy

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"Exersteps - Pretty darned good and Xcellent Customer Svc"

Joe Jacobs on 6/17/2019

Comments: Very comfortable shoes and with the rocker-motion built-in, I think they have actually helped with my Plantar Fasciitis problems. Very happy with these Exersteps these are my second pair, after wearing-out the first pair. You have to wear them to understand.. and get hooked!


Cheryl on 6/14/2019

Comments: These shoes are amazing: The delivery was timely and the product is all the advertising said: I will be buying these shoes from this company again:


Paul Eberth on 5/23/2019

Comments: The product is nice and sturdy and there is no sense of losing one's balance, when using it.

"My husband loves these shoes!"

Pamela Morey on 5/15/2019

Comments: My husband used to wear Sketchers Shape UP's but they were discontinued. We searched the internet for another brand and found Exersteps! He absolutely loves these shoes. He has pairs in both colors. They are all he wears to work. He can't be on his feet all day without them.

"no more shin splint issues!"

Dave Thompkins on 5/8/2019

Comments: i love these shoes. i love to walk but i would have such painful shinsplints. My shin muscles would cramp so bad i could barely walk at all. With Exersteps shoes you dont even use your shin muscles to support your foot as it is coming down to the ground. Your heel comes down to the ground then you just roll forward on the rocker style sole. No stress at all on the shin muscles. Almost feels like im cheating when o go walking, i put in 4 1/2 miles the other day, my legs felt great when i was done... More details

"Exersteps Whirlwind shoes"

Bob Molenberg on 4/29/2019

Comments: What a pleasure it is to write a review about your shoes. I hurt my back (L4 and L5) lifting heavy weights in my job which has developed into a condition called dropfoot in both feet because of nerve damage, making walking somewhat difficult, and no, back surgery did not help one bit. I use carbon fibre braces in both shoes which helps a lot when walking, but the shoes were always a problem. I have over the years used the top brands in rocker sole shoes, but these Exersteps shoes are the best I ... More details

"True rocker sole shoes"

David murray on 4/26/2019

Comments: Because of a toe/foot issue (no cartilage between toe and foot bone) my podiatrist many years ago told me to try rocker sole shoes. At the time the big name was Shape ups. I tried them and they worked beautiful. Now many years later Shape Ups are gone. Several other brands sell half rocker or full but for hundreds of dollars! My job keeps me on my feet all day and I go through work shoes in about four months. Thank God for Exersteps. These are so close to the old Shape ups its uncanny. These are... More details

"Help for Achilles Tendon Issues"

Jeff Dickerson on 4/22/2019

Comments: I have bad Achilles tendons. Couldn't walk very far without serious pain. After spending $$$$ with a podiatrist, I found these shoes. I wear them all the time. Walk 3 to 5 miles a day with no pain at all. If you suffer from Achilles tendon pain, they are worth a try.

"Great shoes"

Igor Kourski on 4/15/2019

Comments: love rocker bottom!


wayne cornett on 4/4/2019

Comments: GREAT QUALITY LEATHER SHOES. I still wear my first pair in yard, cutting grass,etc. My new pair is breaking in and I love wearing them. I have a wide foot and worried they may not fit right, but these fit fine. I am going to buy another pair in white this time.These shoes really put a bounce back in my walk. thanks ExerSteps

"long time wearer"

james sullivan on 2/22/2019

Comments: best Shoes ever!! I now stand on my arches. and don`t need arch supports. also less leg fatigue. what a great price.


Wayne Dorbert on 1/28/2019


"Good shoes and value."

Tom Blankley on 1/18/2019

Comments: Good shoe for my disability, works as well as shape-ups but sole is not as soft. The harder sole will probably last longer. The shoe needs a small piece of leather at top of back to prevent cloth wearing out when sliding foot in. Shape-ups also made this change.

"Don't be fooled"

Gaidi on 1/14/2019

Comments: I've been wearing these shoes from exerstep for years, both the black and the white. To defeat fatigue in the legs, the feet, and the lower back, they're the best, and this is what counts if you have to be on your feet all day.


Loretta Wycotte on 1/7/2019

Comments: My husband has arthritis and found these shoes are the only thing he can wear.

"Good substitute for Skechers Shape-Ups"

Theo Astrene on 1/3/2019

Comments: Now that it is nearly impossible to find the Shape Ups, I started a search for a comparable product and came across ExerSteps. I have found their product to be an excellent substitute that includes the same convex-sole design of the SUs. The sole feels a bit harder than the SUs, but that hasn't proven to be an issue and might be a matter of taste. Right after I got the ExerSteps I took them on a three-day walking tour of San Antonio and they performed like a champ. I'd say shoes like these and t... More details

"Comfort and design"

Ahmed Shakil on 12/29/2018

Comments: These are one of the best walking/running shoes I ever had. So far, I have bought three pairs over the last few years, and I am lovie them. One on my friend saw these shoes and could not wait to buy a pair, he also love the shoes, he wear it for everything, to work, for hiking, for everything else so to speak. Not to bash Nike, but Nike does not fit well nor provide the comfort I need for my arch support. Overall, excellent shoes.

"Excellent shoes"

Jamie Stuck on 12/21/2018

Comments: I use Exersteps for power walking 65 miles per week. Only shoe I've found that hold my feet in the correct position and keep my feet from getting blisters.


William Lineberry on 12/5/2018

Comments: I wore sketchers almost from the beginning until they quit making them. I was happy to find a shoe with the reverse soul and the quality seems just fine and they're actually a little cheaper.


Craig Landis on 12/3/2018

Comments: The high arch support is perfect for me. All day moving and my feet do not hurt.

"Shoe Review"

Charlie Hashley on 11/14/2018

Comments: Very nice shoes for the money. I walk on concrete at work, about 3-5 miles per shift, and these shoes have really helped me make it through the shift. I am on my 3rd pair and would definitely buy again.

"Excellent value"

robert everett on 11/13/2018

Comments: For the price best tennis shoes going, I've had several pairs I buy 3 pairs at a time they hold up just as well as nike and for me alot more comfortable the price has stayed the same with free delivery cant beat this deal


Robert miller on 11/9/2018

Comments: Had about 5 pairs best shoe ever worn I am very hard on shoes but these can take it my feet were burned pretty bad so I was looking for something comfortable for my feet thanks exerstep


Joseph Little on 10/31/2018

Comments: My arches have fallen. Your shoes give me relief. Would love to see you come out with dress shoe versions.

"Love These Shoes!!!"

gary sellers on 10/6/2018

Comments: I love these shoes. Not only do they wear great,but they make you you a little taller.

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